Posted by: judyweightman | March 13, 2012

Let’s Facebook the Music and Dance

Potential employers, not satisfied with the presentation of professional self on LinkedIn, are looking at Facebook pages as well. Great. Looking for work just hasn’t been stressful enough.

Since most of my “friends” are actually my friends — how bizarre, right? — their number is in the very low triple digits. No doubt this could be interpreted to mean that I’m insufficiently social. I’m not necessarily going to contest that interpretation, but ever since escaping high school, I’ve relied on competence, not popularity, as my number one qualification in the job market. Well, competence, creativity, things like that. Yes, I generally get along quite well with my colleagues and clients, but no, I don’t necessarily have a lot of photographic evidence of that.

And of course, being an editor and writer, I generally rely on words, not photos, to communicate with friends, despite the adverse meaning/worth ratio. It’s not that hard for me to come up with 1,000 words. A good picture of me, though — much, much rarer.

Do I get any points at all for the fact that my sadly attenuated friend list represents people I have known over the course of the last 50 years? Oh wait, that just proves I’m old. Nevermind.

Oops, I don’t think I ever posted this photo on Facebook. Me, Ellen Soileau, and Marley Jay, out for dinner in New York City.


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