Who am I?

Basically, I’m a wordsmith for hire. If you need text written or rewritten, posted or promoted, I’m your woman.

I  worked for many years as an editor and creator of word puzzles (everything from crosswords to logic problems) and continue to test-solve puzzles, including the cryptic crosswords that run in Games, for my former employer. I moved on to my dream job, editor-in-chief of a gardening magazine, which was, unfortunately, one of the casualties of the recession in 2008. I’ve written on higher education for Metro Philly since 2008,  and briefly for its subsidiary website, EducationOption.com.

I currently freelance in a variety of print and online roles, including social media and blogging. As a freelancer, I’ll tackle just about any assignment that comes along (see the “other recent work” tab for some samples), but my preference is for stories that help people. As a lover of the fine and performing arts, I enjoy writing for the Broad Street Review.  And when I’ve got something to say that doesn’t really work for any of my clients, I post it here in my blog.

Other than writing, I express myself creatively through gardening, needlework, and photography, including the picture at the head of the page. (I call it “Peace and Love” — it was taken at Ladew, a wonderfully eccentric topiary garden in Maryland.) See the “photography” tab for a few photos I’ve taken around Philadelphia.

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