Broad Street Review

The Broad Street Review is an arts and culture website with a mix of reviews and commentary, mostly about events and performances in the Philadelphia area. They have a wonderful openness to a variety of pieces. I’ve reviewed art (a Barkley Hendricks retrospective); dance (everything from ballet to tap); live music (Andrew Bird), museum exhibits (the conservation lab at Penn Museum goes on public view), and books, such as Vanished Gardens, about the history of gardening in Philadelphia. A frequent subject is movies, including Séraphine, a French movie about outsider art; a comparison of Avatar and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus; a review of Crazy Heart in which it comes up short against The Wrestler; and a long piece reconsidering Saturday Night Fever. I also occasionally find opportunities to draw on my academic expertise (sociology of religion, specializing in American cults), as in a review of Martha Marcy May Marlene and a piece on Mitt Romney’s Mormonism.

After handling BSR’s social media (Twitter and Facebook) for a year, concomitant to a significant improvement in our traffic,  I was named managing editor in November 2012. My main responsibility was marketing and promotion, including social media, live events, and advertising, as well as developing better support for our writers and improving communication with local groups seeking reviewers.

I became editor in chief in January of 2014, assuming all responsibility for obtaining and editing content, recruiting and coordinating other part-time staffers, and working with the founding editor and a consultant on long-term planning and developing a sustainable business plan.


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