Other recent work

Digital agency Delphic Digital needed a blogger for their marketing department, so I wrote five posts per month for them from April 2012 through January 2013. Most were straightforward information, on topics like where to place a blog, using LinkedIn, over-optimizing SEO and how to market to some major social media constituencies. Luckily, they were also okay with me getting a little whimsical at times, as I did in my homage to Sherlock Holmes, written after enjoying the updated BBC version of the classic stories.

Generocity covers philanthropy and nonprofits in Philadelphia. I mostly cover education from them, often about what’s going on at the post-secondary level, like a story on the emphasis on social impact at the University of Pennsylvania and a community-based mentorship program for first-generation students at Community College of Philadelphia. Stories focusing on K-12 education include an interview with the founder of the Russell Byers Charter School and a story about the expansion of Mighty Writers, an after-school literacy program. Education also takes place outside of traditional schools: The Garces Foundation is supporting classes to help restaurant workers learn English.

The Urban Land Institute held a Place Making conference in Philadelphia in June 2013 and asked me to attend and develop a few stories. I wrote on Philadelphia’s University City District; the role of educational and medical institutions in anchoring redevelopment in Detroit and Camden; and the work of architect Cesar Pelli in Philadelphia and San Francisco.

I have written several features for Chiropractic Economics. One of these was on prescribing anti-aging herbs in a chiropractic context. It covered both tips for the practitioner and information about the specific herbs that experts recommend. Another story for them looked at how DCs are using social media to find new patients and take better care of the ones they have.

Grid is a Philadelphia magazine supporting local sustainability efforts. I’ve written a couple of pieces for them, including a profile of two Philadelphia University professors, Rob Fleming and Chris Pastore.

One recent project is editing an e-zine for an online community I’ve been active in for several years. teemings, which had been on hiatus for about five years, was originally founded as a literary journal. In the new version, I’ve added graphics, music, criticism, and how-to while continuing to run fiction, poetry, and memoirs. We have posted three issues (#1, #2, #3). My role as editor-in-chief includes recruiting authors and columnists to supplement unsolicited entries, and working with contributors who are, for the most part, inexperienced writers.

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