In September of 2008, I began editing the Higher Education supplement for Metro Philadelphia, a newspaper distributed free to commuters and read by more than 300,000 people a day. The section was weekly in the fall of 2008 then went to monthly in January 2009. Each month had an overall theme (ranging from MBA programs to green majors, financial aid to two-year programs), and I developed individual stories, emphasizing the local connection, around that theme.

In August of 2010, I was approached about becoming a full-time staffer for the company that owns Metro. I started with them full-time in September in a dual role: writing on education for the newspapers and content manager for an associated start-up website, I continued in those roles through June of 2011, at which time the projects were rebudgeted and reorganized. I continue to write for them on a freelance basis, including weekly news stories and features on local colleges and universities (January 2012 – January 2013) and occasional stories in careers, lifestyle, and entertainment (July 2011 – present).

While full-time, I wrote weekly features and news pieces for the Metro print editions in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston; continued to write the monthly higher education section for Philadelphia; and blogged on the Metro website two or three times a week.

Typical print stories include Temple students looking at technology dependence; mini-interviews with New York area professors who made the top 20 at; a look at high textbook prices; and results of observations of what students are doing with their laptops in class. is a website for nontraditional students thinking about career training, degree completion, and graduate degrees. I oversaw the populating of a 1,000-school database and was responsible for narrative material for the rest of the site. Prior to launch, this included writing the FAQs; after launch I posted new material three to five times a week.

This material included informational pieces, news, and blog posts. Typical pieces include:



  1. Dear Ms. Weightman,
    I read your article on the science and forensics in today’s metro. I would appreciate if you can write an article on the computer forensics program that is right here in our back yard in Philadelphia.

    I just recently graduated from the program at Philadelphia Community College. I wanted to advance my computer knowledge and skills within this interesting field and obtain a degree to become a certify computer forensic examiner.It was the best investment that I made!

    All the professors are currently working in the field and are well educated and experience in this field.The program is a four star **** hit with all the students that have enrolled at the school.

    The Lady that heads the program is Ms. Pam King. She puts a lot of hard work and time into this program and does not get enough credit for her dedication and effort put forth.

    You will find her very intelligent and knowledgable not only in computer forensics field but cell phone forensics just as well. She is a walking treatise on both subject matters.

    i would really appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

    Robert J. Rudick, Esquire

    • Actually, one of my best friends began the CCP program this past summer, so I’m well aware of it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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